Being happy now is sometimes difficult, especially if you’re in the middle of a defeat, loss, or life beating. Like I feel today after learning that my mom at the age of 87 is feeling lousy and she refuses to go to the hospital because she’s been there way too many times already this year 7-8 times and who’s counting?

This is when I need to use all of the great tools that I have acquired through all of my work and look at what other successful people have used when feeling lousy and must turn it around by accepting the situations as they are and pulling out some good advice.

  • Put on some music that flares up some good memories I have when my mom was much younger.
  • Perhaps, make a dish that she taught me how to make taste just how she used to.
  • Pray that she feels better soon.
  • Pray that my sister Grace who’s been watching after her finds some more patience.

The bottom line is that times are sometimes going to challenge us and when the shit hits the fan you have to stand up and carry on regardless of what’s going on outside your control. You must reach way deep inside and know that the only control we have is how we act during the worst-case scenario. And although this doesn’t seem to be the worst-case scenario for you it is for myself and my other siblings. I will feel sad for my mom for how poorly she’s feeling, then get up and go to the gym and get a workout to fight off any negativity the phone call I received from my sister Grace has caused. No fault to anyone.

Exercise, and keeping my physical health in good standing helped me change the way feel all of my life. It is something I strongly recommend if you have a tendency not to take the happy trail when things outside your control bring you down.

Most of all, my feeling down and out, is not going to make my mom feel any better, so it is better for me to continue on my happy way of life and support the rest of my siblings by keeping my emotional muscle strong today and every day.

Keep finding ways to make smile.

Thank you for visiting.

Have a happy day!