“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
– Jim Rohn

“Stress is caused by being ‘here’ but wanting to be ‘there.’
– Eckhart Tolle

Here is all there is. Stay present. Don’t drift.

Life is like a camera lens you focus on an image you want to snap a photo of and capture it in the memory chip of your camera.
It’s pretty simple really.
Our life is like that if you focus on what you want and the other things outside the camera lens are out of focus. Focus on what you want your day to look like and continue to do that all day long.
I find that if I prepare what my needs are before I step out of my door in the morning I can beet the competition of life’s daily pressures. That means I have my plan designed the night before. Think of it, see it complete, and move on it.
I plan what needs to be accomplished in my mind first.
I write down what needs to be done. Our needs and do’s are different so write down what needs to be done first, so that you have a road map for tomorrow.


Prepare your take-out lunch, snack, and beverage required for your day;

If you don’t already possess a small cooler to keep your lunch, healthy snacks, (almonds, fruit, and vegetables) and beverages. water fresh do yourself a favor and get one. If you don’t have a carrier to place your healthy lunch and snacks you won’t do it. This should be a number one priority if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. Because if you prepare your meals the night before and get up a little later than you should have you won’t have time to do it. And most likely you’ll make a bad choice when it’s time for lunch.

If you like breakfast when you wake up;

Or at least, put it together so it’s ready in preparation mode this way when you wake up you already know and don’t have to think about it. This will save you 7-10 minutes of thinking about what to prepare. Make it light and quick to prepare. My wife Kim and I like to prepare for the week this way we have choices in the refrigerator and all we have to do is warm it up in the microwave or on the stovetop ready to eat.

Have your wardrobe laid out;

the shoes you’re going to wear in plain sight this way you’re not searching and wasting valuable morning time. As you already know that in the morning when your scramble to get out of your home it’s like a ticking bomb going to go off. Having what you’re going to wear the night before slows down your time by 7-10 minutes. And that’s a lot of time in the morning.

Plan enough time to wake up;

so you can visualize your day ahead maybe turn on some soft music like a jazz station, or a meditation channel, but not busy and loud. I prefer a little quiet while doing some stretching exercises and reflecting on my plan of action for the day.

Here is the most important thing I don’t do until I am fully awake and ready;

so there’s nothing to confuse me and interrupt my action and momentum for the day. I don’t look at my phone for e-mail or phone messages and I don’t hear the news or get on social media so that I can prepare my mind without all the negativity that our phones carry. I find by looking for positive things, like the smell of the coffee I prepared last night before going to bed, hearing the birds chirping as if it’s their first day alive. Watching the sunrise or the stillness of the dark as the stars begin to lessen their presence and light begins, to shine like it does every day and I am grateful for the good night’s sleep I just experienced if that’s the case. Thereafter I can have my own hero’s journey with no one to blame but myself if something goes off course.