I recently heard on a Podcast that unless you write down your goals the likelihood of you achieving any success is only 3%. “Let’s face it, if you don’t write it down you won’t do the second step which is to take action in the direction of your goal.” That is what the host said.

I think once we get to a certain place in life is when we kind of dream up a future for ourselves and we start to make-minded goals in the direction of where we want to go in life. Some people like to write down their goals some people like to fly by the moment; they feel something, a desire, a strong pull toward a goal, and bang they’re after it. They may not even know its goal.

They thought about it, they took action, and success was achieved.

Even if it was a small victory such as learning how to ice skate, or learning to ride a bicycle without the training wheels. With some practice before you know it you’re ripping down the ice, or racing down the street with the wind blowing in your face while you’ve just succeeded to learn how to ride a two-wheel bicycle for the first time. “Success” has been achieved.

Why should I write down what I want to do next, right?

I agree some people need to write things down so they remember to do things, I like a grocery list. I like to have a grocery list with me whenever I go to the grocery store this way I’m not buying random things that I don’t need in my house that are not good for me. This way when you’re not feeling so strong and want to reach for junk food it’s not there for you to grab and begin stuffing your face with it and then regret it later for having such a weak resistance.

I see a lot of people at the grocery store without a list and boy do I see some junk food fill the carts, and when you look at the person who’s pushing that cart you know why they look like they do.

What I suggest is to do the thing (Goal) that you say you’re going to do. Don’t say you’re going to do something (a Goal) and then forget about it tomorrow. As a matter of fact, don’t say anything, and “Just do it!” Nike trademarked that slogan. If Nike spent millions of dollars on it for their first major television campaign back in 1987 and made it a “Success” of it?

It was good enough for me!

Let’s face a lot of people say they’re going to do something and then do not do anything about it. The biggest one I know and that you probably know too, is every January 1st millions of people make the #1 resolution of the year to eat healthier, go to the Jym and exercise more and lose weight. I know that a lot of people also write down that goal on paper year after year.

Most of them go for the gusto right after the New Year begins, and I know this by experience too, that in January and February, there are definitely more members at the gym I go to Anytime Fitness in Palm Harbor Florida. And I am certain that all athletic clubs in the world witness the same thing. And by mid-March, a lot of those people who wrote down on paper or said it out loud to a friend or a family member are no longer members or keep their membership (I don’t recommend this) because that is what the corporate clubs rely on to stay in business and feed their corporate bonuses on.

If you have a membership at a local club and you haven’t used it In the past thirty days (unless you have an injury that is preventing you from going) cancel your membership.

Don’t get stuck in the fake “Hope” that you’ll keep the membership and that one day soon you will go back and fulfill your New Year’s resolution again, perhaps next year.

“Success” has so many highways to travel, pick one, and I will follow up on this topic as I build this new goal of mine without writing it down, or even talking about it with anyone until it takes flight.

Thank you for reading.

Have a “successful” and “happy day.”