We are a small business with a Husband & wife team. We manufacture and distribute Boxing & Martial Arts Equipment on our e-commerce website www.physicalsuccess.com, Amazon, E-bay, & Etsy, and third-party platforms. We are an online store and we are located in Palm Harbor Florida. We offer a variety of different brands, such as; Century Martial Arts, Everlast, Proma USA, Asia World Martial Arts, Woldorf, and our own Physical Success brand which is a registered brand on Amazon.

We have our own branded boxing equipment with our Registered Trademark Logo which is our bread-and-butter line of design. We have some of the best-fitting gloves for children as young as 2 years. They are very much like the real, feel-like, boxing gloves on the market. We sell more kid’s boxing gloves on Amazon FBA than any other third-party platform. Kids Boxing Gloves Spotlight.





When we started the new company we only had one product available to mass produce “Solo Stretch.” It was our own invention that we Patented and Trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and I thought we were going to make a million dollars on it.




It’s a portable stretching bar, mainly for martial artists and dancers and because of its lightweight and portability, it was great for all inspired athletes who know the importance of keeping their bodies flexible at all times.


When it didn’t sell well we incorporated more Boxing and Martial Arts equipment from third-party merchants from around the country. We fill the orders that come in through our sales channel with great customer service and in a prompt way. Either using USPS, UPS, Fed Ex are our main carriers to the customers. They have proved to deliver promptly and keep our customer satisfaction at 100% and that is our main concern.

Founder’s/Owner’s story and what motivated them to start the business;


George Nicholas Albergo with the assistance of his wife Kim Albergo set up Physical Success, Inc. in December of 1995 with the intention of providing the best high-kicking tool and stretching bar on the market. “Solo Stretch” And it was!

The timing was lousy though and it provided a short-term opportunity. Due to the change in styles that Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) brought to the market in the late 90”s. And because of the change in form, we had to also change our approach and added more equipment to our inventory.

George is a big Martial Arts Enthusiast and also starred in several low-budget International movies from 1982- 1993 traveling from Los Angeles to South East Asia.

The movies he was starring in didn’t provide enough profitability for him to continue on that journey. Something had to give. After several other attempts at going out on more auditions with challenges adding up, he decided to give up the acting wings and put on another set of wings on Physical Success Health and Fitness equipment. That’s how Physical Success was found. With the help of Anthony Robbins and Napoleon Hill, books and audio available Physical Success has become a household name in the health and fitness market.

The challenges the business/market is facing;  

 Since we are only an online store we need to keep our Physical Success Brand in the limelight and to do that we have to continue to have our own e-commerce store operating. Even though it only is accounted for less the 5% of our total sales it’s important that we keep www.physicalsuccess.com fresh and sometimes that is a challenge for me because of the WordPress website design we have. It is always upgrading without my knowledge so we keep a personal web design technician close by when changes are made which causes error’s to come up when people are shopping for our brand or niche. Also since the pandemic occurred a lot of Martial Arts classes have closed down and fewer people are training and buying new equipment.


Our main concern though is with the inflated cost of importing our own Physical Success Brand. The cost of importing is up to three times more per parcel than before the pandemic occurred, so we have to be cost-effective just to keep our inventory evolving on Amazon so we don’t lose that market.

And because of that we are currently only importing the items that move well, our own brand of boxing gloves for kids. We can have twice as many kid’s boxing gloves in a parcel than adult boxing gloves. That makes our profits a little better to continue in our journey.

The great thing is we have seen a slight drop in price per parcel in the past nine months or so. So things will get better and we will have survived the challenges that were elevated by the crisis the Pandemic proposed.

The opportunities the business/market is facing;

With Amazon Becoming the number one platform to market our Physical Success Brand, we must be able to keep a good health account and that is very important to us. So that means being a good customer service source has to be the main priority.

It seems that more and more SMB companies have relied on Amazon for their growth in this marketplace. Since we started marketing our products on Amazon back in 2007 we saw growth to over 125% and during the Holiday season, we see as much as 400%. So you see, Amazon is our largest platform to keep our focus on. We have to continue to have new styles and designs of boxing gloves and similar styles of striking products such as new punching bags, speed bags, and handheld targets because those are the most revolving items that people are buying.

And in order to be able to be competitive on Amazon that is where we concentrate on bringing to the market, new colors, and new designs of boxing gloves and targets.

I remember in 2011 the color orange was becoming a highlight fashion for women and I remember a friend of ours came over one day she had a bright pair of orange boots and styling a bright orange color shoulder purse, and I thought that would be a great color for boxing gloves.

I quickly ordered several hundred pairs to be delivered with air freight from our manufacturer in Pakistan and as soon as they arrived they were all sold within a couple of weeks. We continued to import the color orange boxing gloves for about 9 months or so.

Soon more boxing gloves in the color orange showed up in the marketplace and we had to share our profits with other distributors. Now there are a lot more distributors marketing orange boxing gloves and we discontinued our own brand of orange color boxing gloves and purchase them from a wholesaler from a local importer because the profits didn’t add up anymore to keep them in our inventory. You can’t all market the same items on Amazon and think you are going to make a business of it. You have to keep evolving if you want to compete on Amazon. We account for over 90%
of sales on Amazon and Amazon FBA. E-bay, Etsy, and even Facebook Marketplace are good sources to market so that your brand or distribution source continues to grow.

Advice to others about business;

To do something you love and find something you’re passionate about doing, and do it better than anyone else. Stand out above the rest because that is what is going to keep you motivated when times become very difficult. Don’t go into a business thinking only to make a lot of money. Money is definitely an important factor but money will cage you to think you always need more.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make at your job or in a business you are always going to want to make more money. That’s just how we all operate as human beings.

Having your own business has a lot of challenges, and the likely hood of you collecting a paycheck right from the start is very unlikely. Unless you purchase an already turnkey business.

Don’t quit your current job yet, keep your job and begin to think about what kind of business you could throw your whole self in. Do you want to provide products or services? Do you want an Internet base store or a storefront business? Don’t go into a business you don’t know anything about.

Go into a business that you’ll wake up to every day and know that you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. Surround yourself with positive self-help books and read them to build your confidence level that no matter what happens you’re only going to look at solutions, not the problems. You must think your way for solutions that are present every day.

Plan your day well and don’t leave anything that you can do today for tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s not about knowing everything about your service or products. It’s more about learning your character and your desire to pull it through when your decisions make you wonder if it is all worth it. Most of all believe you can do it. Be like Nike, and “Just Do It!”