Don’t look for it on the outside. If you find happiness on the outside the natural things of this world or find it in someone else to bring it to you, you can be sure it won’t stay.

Focus on what’s good in your life right now. What’s working in your favor? If you’re saying nothing is good in my life right now, then demand of yourself to find something right now. Scream it to the open air even to find something small right now.

Maybe you can look something up on the Internet; type the words “what’s good in my life” on the search browser. I promise you you’ll get a number of things that show up for you that you can relate to and start getting yourself in a better state. Because that’s where it begins when you change the way you’re thinking. Change your thinking and change your destiny.

Maybe you could go for a walk to change your current state. Changing your physiology can have a tremendous impact on the way you feel right now.

Call someone who cares about you and vice versa.

Maybe you can fake half of a smile to release this thing called dopamine, a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good. And feeling good is what you’re after.

Exercise always works even if you’re in the worse shape of your life.

Get more rest. When you don’t get enough sleep your energy is shot. And that will cause you to be limited in what you can accomplish.

Gratitude seems to be high on the list of things we should all do. Be thankful for the things you have and not compare yourself with friends and family members who have more than you have.

Offer compliments to people around you who serve you or help you get things done in your daily choirs.

Don’t complain to others about anything because everyone has time to complain about something. If you must complain do it to yourself with no one there to hear it. Sometimes it helps just to speak your complaint out loud and just let it go.

The most important thing you can do is give your social media a vacation. Comparing yourself to everyone on social media is to cage yourself thinking that everyone else is doing more than you are. Instead, I believe that a lot of social media posts are ego-driven and nothing else. Follow posts that inspire you and uplift your state of mind to a better place. With that said I found this Youtube video that inspired me to post it here so that you too may know that true happiness is an inside job. Watch and absorb what this author is suggesting.