Nadia Wong and I became Social Media friends about a year or so ago and I love her work in her published book available on Amazon “The Key To A Happier Me” which I had the pleasure of reading cover to cover twice to date and because she inspires me on a daily basis I have decided to dedicate this post to her published book; “The Key To A Happier me” and she has agreed for us to use her writing wisdom in our in-progress Happy Way Life blog.
“You can’t always wait until you decide life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”  A Quote from America’s Got Talent contestant “Nightbirde”
We will continue to add Nadia’s wisdom so that you may be encouraged to live a happier life in whatever stage of life you are currently in. You can also follow Nadia Wong on her Soul Haven Facebook Group for more of her up-lifting daily reminders and wisdom;
Happy March 💕
We’ve all been blessed with life, and today is a wonderful new day and another new month…So let’s spend our time wisely.
Yesterday is behind us and cannot be changed, so let’s stop playing it over and over in our minds wishing it had turned out how we’d wanted. Doing so is a waste of our time and energy.
Tomorrow has not yet been written, so let’s stop making up horror stories in our minds of everything that “could” go wrong, and dream up a happier ending instead. Bringing us hope and joyful anticipation.
The only thing that is real is this very moment, so let’s embrace it with gratitude and make the most of the gift of today and live it fully…being, doing, and loving, with open hearts.
We cannot always change the world around us but we have the power to change the world within us.
💕Love is always the answer💕
Wishing you all a bright and beautiful day, full of love, peace, and joy.
Much love as always,
Nadia Wong