Napoleon Hill’s books have inspired me more than any other books I have had the privilege of reading in my lifetime. This week I picked up “The Master Key to Riches” one of my all-time favorites. This is the 6th time reading this book since I first learned about it back on 10-28-1999. This was the time when I found  when the World Wide Web era began I didn’t know how to use a computer and I didn’t want to learn it either but if I was going to have any chance to build our brand Physical Success, Inc. I needed to learn some new skills. So I dove all in with what Napoleon Hill wrote about. He had an imaginary panel that he relied on to get his work across to the mass. This week I decided since I will read this book again I will use this section of the “Happy Way of Life” Blog and dedicate this section to Napoleon Hill’s golden nuggets of my reading this book again. This way whenever I need some more wisdom I know where to go, so I will always have the golden nuggets at my disposal where ever I am. And if you are reading this and you feel I am infringing on any of Napoleon Hill’s copyrights please contact me and I will delete all of it.

Napoleon Hill strictly emphasized sharing this knowledge with everyone in order that all of the riches he has written about are shared and multiplied so that everyone can share his blessings with the world. Here he quotes “Riches that are not shared, whether they be material riches or the intangibles, wither and die like the rose on a severed stem, for it is of Nature’s first laws that in-action and disuse lead to decay and death, and this law applies to the material possessions of men just as it applies to the living cells of every physical body.

In this next chapter (2) of the book he writes about the eight Princes and that they have been the real “conditioners” of his mind, the builders of his positive mental attitude! And now he wants to commend them me and you so that they may render you and me a similar service?

You may call the Princes by another name if you choose. Mentors, perhaps. Or Principles. Or Counselors. Or Guardians of Good Spirit. By whatever name, the Princes serve me through a technique that is simple and adaptable. Every night, as the last order of the day’s activities, the Princes and I have a round-table session. The major purpose is to permit me to express, and thus reinforce, my gratitude for the service they have rendered me during the day. The conference proceeds precisely as if the Princes existed in the flesh. It is a time for meditation, review, and thanksgiving, with contact made through the power of thought. Here you may receive the first test of your capacity to “condition” your mind for the acceptance of riches. When the shock comes, just remember what happened when Morse, Marconi, Edison, and the Wright Brothers first announced their perfection of new and better ways of rendering service. It will help you to stand up under the shock.

And now let us go into a session with the Princes:


Today has been beautiful. It has provided me with the health of my body and mind. It has given me food and clothing. It has brought me another day of opportunity to be of service to others. It has given me peace of mind and freedom from all fear.

Princes of Guidance. I am grateful to all of you collectively for having unraveled the tangled skein of my past life, thereby freeing my mind, my body, and my soul from all causes and effects of both fear and strife.

Prince of Material Prosperity, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind attuned to the consciousness of opulence and plenty, and free from the fear of poverty and want.

Prince of Sound Physical Health, I am grateful to you for having attuned my mind to the consciousness of sound health, thereby providing the means by which every cell of my body and every physical organ is being adequately supplied with an inflow of cosmic energy sufficient unto its needs, and providing direct contact with Infinite Intelligence which is sufficient for the distribution and application of this energy where it is required.

Prince of Peace of Mind
, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind free from all inhibitions and self-imposed limitations, thereby providing my body and my mind with complete rest.

Prince of Hope, I am grateful to you for the fulfillment of today’s desires, and for your promise of fulfillment of tomorrow’s aims.

Prince of Faith, I am grateful to you for the guidance which you have given me; for your having inspired me to do that which has been helpful to me, and for turning me back from doing that which had it been done would have proven harmful to me. You have given the power to my thoughts, momentum to my deeds, and the wisdom which has enabled me to understand the laws of Nature, and the judgment to enable me to adapt myself to them in a spirit of harmony.

Prince of Love, I am grateful to you for having inspired me to share my riches with all whom I have contacted this day; for having shown me that only that which I give away can I retain as my own. And I am grateful too for the consciousness of love with which you have endowed me for it has made life sweet and all my relationships with others pleasant.

Prince of Romance, I am grateful to you for having inspired me with the spirit of youth despite the passing of the years.

Prince of Overall Wisdom, my eternal gratitude to you for having transmuted into an enduring asset of priceless value all of my past failures, defeats, errors of judgment and of the deed, all fears, mistakes, disappointments, and adversities of every nature; the asset consisting of my willingness and ability to inspire others to take possession of their own minds and to use their mind-power for the attainment of the riches of life, thus providing me with the privilege of sharing all my blessings with those who are ready to receive them, and thereby enriching and multiplying my own blessings by the scope of their benefit to others. My gratitude to you also for revealing to me the truth that no human experience need become a liability; that all experiences may be transmuted into useful service; that the power of thought is the only power over which I have complete control; that the power of thought may be translated into happiness at will; that there are no limitations to my power of thought save only those which I set up in my mind.

My greatest asset consists in my good fortune in having recognized the existence of the Eight Princes, for it is they who conditioned my mind to receive the benefits of the Twelve Riches.

Source: The Master Key to Riches. Fawcett Crest Book. 1965. Pgs. 27, 28, & 29.