My name Is George Nicholas Albergo. I currently live in Tampa Bay Florida with my wife Kim.

I have been a full-time business owner of Physical Success, Inc. since December 1995. We currently market our own Branded Physical Success products on Amazon as a brand registry, E-Bay, and our own E-Commerce website

Back in 1993, I immersed myself in personal development because I was very unhappy with my life and the direction it was going. Coming out of 10 years of challenging time as a Professional Hollywood Actor working in low-budget International films and I didn’t know how to turn my life around. I knew in my heart and soul that being an Actor is all I wanted to be ever since I was 12 years of age. I left a very cushion job In Rosemont IL. Move to Los Angeles CA and now I face a real crisis.

I worked as a personal trainer during the day, nights, and weekends as a bartender and still went on occasional film, TV, and commercial auditions and only got some smaller roles than I was used to. My attitude was getting really bad. I remember always saying once I get that great role then I will be happy again. Once I make this much money then I’ll have a better attitude. That day would never come.

I always placed a price tag on my happiness. It wasn’t until I realized only 4 years ago in 2018 that I wasn’t going to be somewhere and make that much money anymore so that I could be happy.

The time is now. I had to stand tall and accept the fact that I need to be happy now, not when I make this much money. It was all about the money that stood in my pathway on that happy road to my happy life.

I love my business but it failed to make the amount of money I wanted to make from it. So now again I find myself torn between loving what I do and except the amount of money it makes me or starting a new career.

I decide to start a blog and tell you my story as a happy way of life because I have learned by reading a lot about the subject that being happy begins inside of you. Don’t expect happiness to come from the outside or you will be disappointed like I was chasing a Hollywood dream that left me completely unaware. I didn’t have a plan B to turn to.

To be grateful to have the great Physical health I possess. The great Ideas that I have had to start a business with no business background and learning that I possessed the greatest gift, the Law of Attraction that has worked for me pretty much all of my life.

I want to share with you all the wonderful opportunities you have in front of you to be happy now without waiting for a miracle to happen.

Applying some simple techniques to do every day so that you can choose a better way to be happier.

To improve your self-worth by improving your physical health, as well as your mental and spiritual health.

  • Give you some motivation to peruse your wildest dreams.
  • Help you deal with unhealthy situations and denial.
  • To become that person you want to be by self-talking yourself in a kind way.
  • To be bold and try new things.
  • Most of all to be Happy Today by choosing to be happy.

Keep smiling.